Who are our customers, what do they buy or sell and how does BONVU help?

Online stores

Through the internet, essentially any online store can now be accessed and browsed from anywhere in the world. This is true for large well-known department stores as well as small boutique-like specialty stores. However, online stores often impose restrictions to international customers with regards to shipping and forms of payment for various reasons. BONVU’s services enable these stores to cater to international customers by providing shipment and payment options through BONVU. Please Note: BONVU.COM has an extensive fraud prevention process and can therefore help to recover fraudulent purchases by preventing them from going overseas

Private individuals

Sites such as EBAY.COM, AMAZON.COM, CRAIGSLIST.ORG and countless other ones have made it possible for essentially anyone with access to the internet to offer their stuff for sale – globally! Someone’s childhood toy in the attic may be someone else’s most desirable collector’s item. An old motorcycle or car in one’s garage could have the most critical spare part for someone on the other side of the world. Finding buyers has become easy that way, shipping these items globally and inexpensively and getting paid safely remain the main hurdles. BONVU.COM bridges this gap and offers the services needed to enable smooth transaction between sellers and buyers all around the globe.

Selling globally? - Partner with BONVU.COM

  • Take advantage of drastically reduced shipping rates due to BONVU’s large shipping volume

  • Ship domestically to our warehouse – BONVU ensures proper documentation for smooth transition through customs at the destination country

  • BONVU ensures proper insurance and safe packaging for international shipments

  • Get paid upfront and without any hassle

  • Deal with a domestic entity

  • Eliminate fraud

  • BONVU.COM can also place the order and pay for the items as a US business instead of collecting payment from the international customer.

  • For sellers outside the US that would like order fulfillment or warehousing services to sell products in the US, visit our Special Services page

Here’s how to partner with BONVU

In the Shipping or International Buyers section of your website, included the suggested text

We have partnered with BONVU.COM to fulfill our international orders. Register with BONVU.COM (for free), then at checkout, use their US address as your shipping address. BONVU.COM will store your items, consolidate, prepare your customs documents and forward the shipment to you. They offer more than a 60% discount on international shipping rates with FEDEX and DHL and also ship through USPS (US Post) and UPS. Shipping time to your door is 2-10 business days, depending on the shipping service you select. Click on the link below to get started!

Place the following link on your website:

Feel free to include the link to our Shipping Calculator to give your buyers a tool to calculate shipping rates.
No cost to you.
Contact BONVU.COM at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have additional questions or concerns.