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executive team


Regina Ruhmer

CEO & Co-Founder

Regina Ruhmer is Co-Founder and CEO of BONVU.COM. Regina was born and raised in Minnesota. She studied International Business at the Minnesota State University. After graduating, she started her career managing the Human Resource department of a consulting services company in Minneapolis.

In 2001, Regina moved to the desert of Phoenix, Arizona to accept a financial management position. Since early 2007, Regina has taken on the position of CEO of BONVU.COM.

Regina is married and mother of two little boys. She enjoys family time, sports, travel and community service promoting preserving the environment.

Klaus Ruhmer


Klaus Ruhmer is Co-Founder and initiator of BONVU.COM. Klaus is a native Austrian from Gutau near Linz. He moved to the United States in 1996 and has worked in the semiconductor industry as well as the renewable energy industry. He holds a degree in Electronics.

After graduation in Austria, Klaus started his career as a software developer. Over the years, Klaus was able to gain experience in the technical field as well as in business management.

The idea to found BONVU.COM was born in 2006.
Klaus enjoys spending time with his wife and children, playing tennis and soccer and travels at least once a year to his homeland for family time and skiing in the Austrian Alps.

Franz Haghofer


Franz Haghofer is Co-Founder of BONVU.COM. Like Klaus, Franz has his roots in Gutau, Austria. After graduation, Franz started an apprenticeship as a freight forwarder. Franz has since been a professional in the transportation business. He has spent the last 8 years in Asia including China, Bangladesh and Taiwan. His most recent position is Managing Director of a global logistics company.

Franz has become a true fan of Asia and likes the culture as well as the mentality. However, he still enjoys traveling back to Austria occasionally to relax and recharge at his vacation home.

Dr. Josef Mayböck

Advisory Board

Josef Mayböck has joined the advisory board of BONVU.COM. Born and raised in Austria, he studied Law at the University Salzburg (Austria) and successfully completed the postgraduate studies of MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the JFK University (United States). Furthermore he graduated at the Commercial and Marketing College, the General Management College, and the Controlling College at the University Linz (Austria). He has started out in the insurance business before advancing his career in the industrial sector (LIEBHERR, STRABAG, etc.).

Josef has extensive executive management experience. He previously held the Chief Executive Officer position at Conesco Doka USA from 2001 till 2004. He is currently a member of the managing board of MCE AG, one of Europe's leading industrial services, building technology and steel construction companies based in Linz (Austria). Beyond tennis, cycling, and soccer he enjoys running (marathon) and skiing.

Wilhelm Haghofer

Advisory Board

Wilhelm Haghofer has his roots in Gutau, Austria like his brother Franz (Co-Founder) and Klaus (Co-Founder) and is a native Austrian as well.

After graduating HAK College in Freistadt/Austria he started his career in the transportation business joining a local forwarding agent in Vienna. Wilhelm has since held various business management positions and is now the Managing Director of another global logistics company. Over the years, Wilhelm was able to acquire a lot of experience in the international forwarding business.

Wilhelm is very active in various sports like tennis, running and of course the celebrated Austrian skiing. Apart from that he is very interested in contemporary history and international politics.